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SuperLenny Casino

by July 23, 2022
Super Lenny Casino Review

The SuperLenny Casino showcases its online services through mobile devices and it is really what the company and online casino wants to highlight. When using the website, a visitor is going to immediately be asked if they want to switch to using a mobile service. This simply showcases how dedicated the online gaming casino is to pushing the mobile brand. This is more unique than others might believe when it comes to online gaming and it is why anyone who wants to partake in online casino play through a mobile device needs to check out SuperLenny Casino. Beyond the mobile play, it is able to offer the more traditional online gaming services a player may come to expect if they have been with other websites. It is a well rounded service that most are sure to enjoy after signing up and checking out the different kinds of games they can find here.

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SuperLenny Casino Games

SuperLenny Casino is broken down into a few different categories. First, visitors are able to select the “777” section of the website. This is the slots selection of the website. In terms of slots, the website has several hundred options available for players to take advantage of. Beyond the online slots, there is the “Casino” portion of the website. Here, individuals are able to partake in different casino games. There are the video poker, roulette, blackjack and other gaming options available for those who are looking for it. There is also a Live Casino feature as well. For players who want to experience the thrill of having a live dealer, they can do this. Live poker and blackjack is available, but so is roulette. This way, if someone wants to have a more casino-like experience but they don’t want to actually enter such a facility, all they need to do is check out SuperLenny.

There is more than just online casino games available through SuperLenny Casino. It also includes a Live Sports feature. Players can log onto the service and bet on a wide assortment of games from around the world. Many one the games also have a live video feed through the website. This way, individuals don’t need to just go off of ticker updates or Twitter. They can watch the game as it happens. Many of the gaming bet services makes it possible to bet during the game (depending on what the individual is betting on).

The majority of the games are designed by MicroGaming. This is the most common online casino game designer in the industry. Yes, there are a few other options out there, and the website does offer a few different gaming designers, but most of these games are all designed by MicroGaming.

As mentioned earlier, SuperLenny does have a major investment into the mobile gaming platform. Whether someone is looking to play through their smartphone or their tablet, they are able to do it easily, all without being forced to continually shift and scroll through their phones. Other online casinos that don’t have the mobile feature still support some gameplay through the mobile device’s Web browser, but the game is not designed to fit on a smaller scree with this kind of platform. The mobile service is, which just gives a better user experience and it also speeds up the game response as well.

SuperLenny Casino Bonus

This casino has a rather straight forward bonus for this who are looking to sign up with the casino and invest money into it. For starters, there is a 100 percent casino bonus. This means, when players deposit up to 100 UK pounds into their account within the first week (off of one deposit, so the highest deposit up to 100 pounds is what the casino matches). This 100 percent match not only comes with the match but also 50 additional spins for those who are looking to play the online slots services. There is also a secondary welcome page that provides 300 pounds and 150 spins after the player has been with the service for a few weeks and has made multiple deposits into their playing account. There is a Sportsbook bonus for those interested in this, which is a 50% bonus for bets of 50 pounds when starting off with the website

Licensing at SuperLenny Casino

In terms of licensing, SuperLenny Casino has their online casino license through the Malta Gaming Authority. The website has had this license since 2013. This puts it right in the middle of the pack when considering when different online casinos started to come up. It also has a connection with the Gambling Commission in order to ensure the highest quality service and that everyone has their accounts protected. It does not have any other licenses.

SuperLenny Casino Overall

When someone first visits SuperLenny Casino, they are going to immediately see that it is set up different. It scrolls up and down more like a blog than anything else. This is a bit unusual, but once someone is familiar with this kind of setup they shouldn’t have any problems with finding the kind of games they want or the kinds of services that fit their particular needs. There is Live Help support available on the website, so if players have any kind of question or concern while using their account, they are able to simply select this (there are also different language options as well, which makes it that much more helpful). Probably the biggest perks of using this casino and for players to look forward to includes the online, Live Sports feature, which makes it that much better for those who love to bet on sports. It also has the excellent mobile service that is easy to play and fun for those who want to play off of their mobile device.


Great Customer Support Staff
Mobile Casino Platform
Modern Look and Feel
Live Gaming Options


Some Country Restrictions

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Bottom Line

Players are going to love the modern feel and theme of SuperLenny, designed for handy use, SuperLenny Casino provides one of the ultimate mobile gaming experiences available today.

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